Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

About me

Hi my name is yusa, exactly my complete name is Yusa Nikmaturohmah.
I wanna tell you about a little story about my first name (yusa) actually it came from an even that happened at the day when I was born. At July 18th 1994, at the same day there was FIFA World Cup 1994 and my dad was watching it, fortunately the location was USA, so that my father choose yusa as my first name. LOL…and I am wondering I'll be there (USA) as soon as possible!! ^_"

But something wrong with my last name because at official document u’ll find my name is written Yusa Nikmat Turohmah. Its sound not good enough. And as we know that nikmat means delicious, isn’t it? And I prefer Yusa Nikmaturohmah than Yusa Nikmat Turohmah. LOL…

Okay that enough we talk about my name. lets talk about another. and if u wanna know about me so far, u can leave a comment!! c ya..

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  1. huakakakakaka... ur dad is soooo creative =)

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