Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

My July 18th 2012

All begin in this year by the number of 18, I have my sweet 18th Birthday in this July 18th 2012.
At 12.06 am my friends Rofifah Yusadi, Ais Maulidia and Pasoari Widiastuti came to my room then brought me a cake, it seemed not a cake then exactly true, it was some candies which placed on a plate then there was a candle in the middle of the plate. Three of them came to my bed room then sang a song titled Happy Birthday, It woke me up occasionally.

My awesome birthday cake-candle only :-(

I surprised then I sang with them, whispering my wishes then blowing the candle, the flame is gone but my wishes will come. Then I felt a sleep again.

When I woke up, I did my daily morning’s activities as usual, I went to school, I did the tasks, I studied with my silly  friends at my All STAR class. Then I did believe every single student always waiting for this final time, you know what I mean? It was Bell. When the bell was ringing it was a sign that we could go home. I walked along street from school to dormitory. Then guess what would happen! My friend Wilyan Adia Sari came to me by a bottle of water, then splash me, no more I could go away from her then came other friend, they did the same as well as Willyan did to me. How terrible is it. I ran away then came back to dormitory.

Other thing happened to me, when I open the bed room’s door, I screamed out, all my things inside cupboard were messed up. All my clothes and pants were hanged up on my bed, some of them were tied up with other clothes till all of my cupboard’s content were moved out. I couldn’t say anything while my entire roommate just laughed at me, they seemed so success in ruined my day.

how terrible is it

my messy clothes around my bed

I decided to take a bath before tidied my bed and cupboard, when I have entered bath room suddenly my friend Lutfiah Lailatul M. took my towel and also my clothes. I speechless then just shouted out for asking some help. But nobody care, other friends have already stirred up by Lutfiah. Then I try to find other thing to cover my body, fine, finally I could escape from this terrible moment. Hoaaaa… ya..

But that wasn’t over yet. Around 6 pm I wanted to take a pray then I took water, when I opened the water tap suddenly somebody else  bathed me from behind, she were Audinda Virsa Leinia and Lailun Erliana. They two are my friend at the same house.

Enough from those incident I went back to my room, but I found something different, I lost my bed. However in dormitory I have a spon bed, so it was moveable. I thought it was my friend’s act. Then I tried to look for some information, but none gave my any clue. Finally I tried to go to third floor, entered all the rooms there, then Wilyan Adia Sari said that she knew where my bed was placed. I begged to her ecause I really want to find it. Finally she gave me with the requirement, I have to treat her next day.

Fine, then she got what she wants. But in the other hand I met my senior when I would go out from Willyan’s room. My senior was Athirah Aulia, she is one grade higher than me, and she is my senior in Martial Art Karate. She tried to bully me, she took my bed back crudely. I wouldn’t give up I tried to take it back, we were fighting but also laughing. It seemed just a joke but surely she did it cause she knew if that was my birthday. Finally, I won, I got my bed back, I brought it back to my room in the first floor. That was so embarrassing. I brought my bed and other student which I have passed by just watched on me and whispering each other, I didn’t care about what they said about me, I just ran my way to finish this hardship.

That was my birthday story, they weren’t parties but I enjoy them all. Thanks for all guys, for everyone who have greet me a Happy Birthday and for everyone who have ruined my day. Last but not least everything that you have done for me were unforgettable and successfully made me happy.

Happy sweet 18th, my own wishes for this year life; I got a happy long-life with my family, I got my best college, and I can take my flight to USA in this year. One more I can find him soon, the one who can make me feel enjoy aside him.

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012


Still talk about my experiences in making wall magazine (mading). Continuously after I have joined in Fresh Competition which holds by Universitas Negeri Malang.  In that time we made bigger mading than before, with other four members of my team we made 1 meter x 1.5 meter in size, it quiet big and we need more time to finish. Then finally we were the winner. We got the first place.

My effort behind the scene :)

My Huge Mading and I 

one of participant's Mading which was using real fish on a small river

Me, Zhavirra and Rofifah tak a pose behind our Mading

In the end of 2011 was the time I was joining other next wall magazine competition, it was M-Teens 3D Wall Magazine competition. It holds by Malang Post-one of public newspaper in Malang City. I have special thing in this chance, my elder sisters who were exactly my senior also would to join my team this competition, they would give the last achievement before they move to the college. This case we would make something different than the previous wall magazine. We took some small lamp such kind of Christmas lamp which usually hung on the Christmas tree. But have some troubles in setting some electronics materials and they wouldn’t work well. Fine, in the end of my work, my team decide to put off the lamp, then my wall magazine finally stood up without any lamp decorate it.
2 day my team and I spent to presented our wall magazine’s philosophy to the visitors, the visitors may gave us coupon if they like my wall magazine, and in the end of that event, the committee would announce the most favorite wall magazine by the sum of coupon which have been collected. Final day we weren’t patient enough to waiting for the announcement, we were so confident to became the winner, then when the person in charge of closing ceremony of that event announce, we got he honorable mention as “The Best Content of 3D Wall Magazine Competition” we were so sad but that was the best decision for us, however we have to accept this appreciation and we may try in other occasion to get better achievement. 

My trophy :)

Me, and Rofifah Yusadi

My team :)

Senin, 11 Juni 2012

So Much For My Happy Ending

Glitter Words

I have a lot of thing to be share with you guys.. which one you prefer? the sad one or the happy one?
fist of all I have reached a lot of achievement in the end of this term year.

One of the hardest effort was finishing the Wall Magazine Competition. Have you ever know the 3 Dimensional of Wall Magazine? I'll tell you.
Wall magazine is kinda of a mass media which can tell you many kind of information, insteed belong to wall magazine is its design. It may in 2 form, they are 2 Dimensional Wall Magazine and 3 Dimensional Wall Magazine. Design of each kind of magazine can be determined by youself based on the topic, or in this case because I was joining a competition the one who had to decide the topic was the commitee. Then my team and I could decide the design by ourselves.

For the first in the first grade of SHS (Senior andHigh School) I had ever join the 3 Dimensional Wall Magazine and I failed. It was a year ago, here I have some pictures whch related to my first experience in making 3 Dimentional Wall Magazine. Here I have a team consist of 3 people, they are Pasoari Widiastuti and Lutfiah Maghfirah.

Its Mine
The 2nd Winner 
The 1st Winner

My 3D Wall Magazine and I

Glitter Words

For the first competition it hold by Unesa (Universitas Negeri Surabaya) and I failed.
but failure in the first is a sign to be the winner on the next step. Furthermore I joined other competition in other occasion.

Experience is the best teacher, that sentence is always true, however I got something to be learned from the first competition, the judges always give critism which can build better result for the next, and I agreed. I used to get the next chances to be the winner. My team and I tried to contribute the best effort for the next competition.

Finally as the time passed by, I got my second chance, but this time was little bit different, I did the 2 Dimentional Wall Magazine. and I did it with Pasoari Widiastuti, she is a friendly person who really famous with the name Pao. Pao and I did this magazine supported by school, and I though it was the cheapest Wall Magazine, because Pao and I used the material which recycled before.

Here I have some pictures of my second Wall Magazine, and It was the first 2 Dimentional Magazine as long as I study in Senior High School. Check it out!

My 2D Dimentional Wall Magazine
title : MABOK(Majalah Tembok) PAJAK

Other competitor

from left to right : me, and Pasoari(Pao) were receiving  appreciation. 
This competiton hold by Direktorat Jendral Pajak Provinsi Jawa Timur~Kota Malang. Fortunately we got the first rank. We were the winner for this competition, it was unpredictable, I guessed we gonna be a loser because there were so many competitor which had better idea and design in making 2Dimentional Wall Magazine, when I asked to the judges. one of them said that he really proud to see the unique form of Wall Magazine, he said that we could combine the unused material became the usefull ones.
We realized that more than 75 % of the material were unused matter, go went to anywhere to seaching for them,and some of the materials are our collection. We were so glad to be winner and it aroused our spirit to try the next level of competition, we gonna try, try and try to learn how to the the best.

Senin, 05 Maret 2012

US Embassy

Mbatik US Embassy

After a whole of competition then I got my middle term examination, March 2012 started by examination then continued by Chinese Language test, it seemed like TOEFL for English. Furthermore I have been chosen by school to make preparation for visitor, it wasn’t like usual, the guest was a special one, the guest were coming from United State Embassy which had office center in Surabaya. They came to SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy to saw the learning progress here. One reason that became they visiting background was the achievement of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) in reaching the most ticket to get college abroad in USA. Comparing to other school, the learning progress of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) was so cool. This recent year SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) successfully send 14 students to get college in USA.

Back to my topic actually I want to tell about my preparation in welcoming them. I got this chance because I have joined in Art Club of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy). I did this preparation with some of my friend in Art Club. We had made some”Batik Tulis”.

Batik is kind of cloth material which is painted by a special material called “malam and a tool called canting
malam and canting ;)

step by steps to making "Batik Tulis"

Then those “Batik Tulis” would bring by the US Embassy as souvenir. 
Here was my job :

the Previous Sketch
the Final Result 

Finally I could finish it well but unfortunately the US Embassy ddn't want to take mine, they tok other friend's batik, but I'm fine, then I could bring mine home instead. :) 

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

February Air ~,~

February Air, the wind-blown on me and brought so much blesses from Allah the Almighty. In this month I have a lot thing to do. I joined the training and educational of Adiwiyata School Guide. As a senior of School Guide I have to give educational and training to my next generation, It was a must because my school had already trusted by the government and education department to became Adiwiyata Mandiri School (Kind of honor for the school who had a concern and environmental awareness).

Other thing that I have done in February were attending foundation meeting with OSIS, Joined City Garde Mockup Competition by ITS (Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya), and Tourism 3D Mading Competition by Malang Government.

A city Garden Mockup was holding by the Civil Engineering Faculty of ITS (Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya). It was the first for the committee and so did the first for me, I joined this competition with my friend Rofifah Yusadi. She was one of my previous Wall Magazine team.
At the first we had no any idea about making mockup. We just knew that mockup is kind of miniature of edifice or housing, but it was a challenge for us. We had to make 30 x 60 centimeters, and all work’s step should be done in the venue. From my town I needed 2 hours journey and unfortunately we almost late. We arrived in venue after the opening ceremony and other competitor were begun to do on their work.

We started on hurry and without any additional time, it was so terrible, in the middle of our work we felt hungry because we had no time to take a breakfast before. Surely we couldn’t think fast without any enough energy. Then I texted to my teacher who accompanied us to brought us breakfast then she came, but unlucky we got chicken porridge which was kind of food that we hate so much. Then we didn’t eat that food. We tried to survive till the time to finish our mockup was finish.

After finish we had to make our good sketch and its information related to my mockup. We did it at the rest of time, it was about 5 minutes left but we could handle it. The next step we had to present our mockup to the honorable judges. Then the last tradition in every competition is the announcement of the winner. I’m not sure we could win for this time, because other competitors which come from big cities had more complete properties to support their mockup, other hand they had their supporter to vote them to become the most favorite mockup.

The Sketch

Me and Rofifah Yusadi
When the time was coming we had to take a seat in front and leave our stand to hear the announcement, we had no sense of glory at that time, and we felt so guilty to coming late also we felt tired after that long struggle. I was so nervous because it was the first mockup competition for us.
Jeng…jeng..jeng… I was so nervous to go forward to the stage to take my trophy. We won s the first winner. I couldn’t say anything and my teacher cried for this. She shown she really proud of us and we got what our struggle gave back for us. Thanks God, once more you let us felt this moment of glory.  J

Final Result

We got back Our Glory

Jumat, 27 Januari 2012


came to bring much of God’s blessing. No more time to rise as much as you can rise the best achievement, If I had told you more and more about wall magazine which related to art and creativity now is the right time to tell my other favorite thing. It still can be related to art but more suitable if we could conclude this creativity in personal wellbeing types. It kind of martial art, one of martial art which I have fall in love with is Karate, it kind of martial art which came from Japan, Karate was popular in Indonesia since I didn’t born. :D

No, I just joke, I started to know and practice Karate since I was studying in Junior High School; it’s about 5 years ago. I didn’t only practicing this martial art but I have tried to falling in love with this, why I could say that I’m falling in love with this is because I missed the moment when practicing this martial art when I haven’t practice for a few days. I like to be part of this Karate Team, more over when I have found a new Karate Team in Senior High School 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) they were growing and amending as a family, besides practicing Karate they also sharing about their life in this little family team. So that all the members of my Karate team just like my own brothers and sisters. Not only the team members, even the trainers who elder than me were just like my elder brother and sister.


Wilyan Adia Sari, Athirah Aulia, and I

Till came the time when I have to prove how far I have understand and able to applied all the knowledge from Karate practice. I have to prove this by joining a Karate competition, actually I have tried twice for the latest year. For the first I got the third place for the fighter categories, Junior Class-female athlete (+59 Kilograms). Actually it was belong to hard class, but luckily I was success. For the second chance was held in this coming year I joined a National Karate Competition which organize by Corps Marine in the capital city of East Java-Surabaya Town. Unfortunately it wasn’t my turn to got medals, I was failed.

Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Bali Island

A week busy with the things which must brought by me for my trip to go to Bali. Next week counting down by today I’ll go to Bali. It wasn’t kind of vacation but I got a duty from the school as representative of an event’s committee. We were ran an event titled CSPC (Community Service Program Competition) as the title mentioned above this kind was a competition to give service for the nearest communities of yours, then the participants who could join this competition were Sampoerna Academy School’s only. We had 4 Sampoerna Academy’s School include SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) but because we acted as the committee so we there were 3 schools left. They were Sampoerna Academy Bogor, SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy), and SMAN Bali Mandara (Sampoerna Academy).
this event had some rules which coordinate by the committee from Sampoerna Academy Malang. Sampoerna Academy Malang was the most successful school in running the community service then my school should be the school model for other Sampoerna Academy. One of the committee was me.

In this time I had to act as the judges then I got placement to judge in SMAN Bali Mandara (Sampoerna Academy). I went there with my partner Nanang Kurniawan. Both of us went by plane. It was my first flight and I tried to enjoy my whole journey.

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Kompas Muda Mading Competition

From the martial art I’ll bring you back to wall magazine competition. I joined other wall magazine competition in Suarabaya also. Its theme was kind of Environment Awareness, because that my team (Pasoari Widiasatuti, Rofifah Yusadi and I) did carefully in searching for the materials, we should got kind of environmentally friendly materials. We were avoiding using Styrofoam, because we knew that Styrofoam was difficult to be broken down naturally, it may consume ages then won’t polluting the environment.
Other way we use recycled things to attract the score in concerning envirnnment awareness. Beside that we also had a unique shape of 3 dimensional wall magazines, we made a huge globe by recycled materials then we made cup too to put the globe on it. 

Behind the Scene
My 3 Dimentional Wall Magazine

So when we had put the globe on its cup, it was look like an ice cream, then we gave some effect around the cups just like drops of water, so we thought that we made earth which melting just like ice cream. Then to made it more interesting, it was titling by “I Scream for the Earth”
We have the real concept before competition, we have prepared it well, and then the best appreciation for our hard work was the second place for our 3D Wall Magazine. Fine, we have our best effort and we really thanks to God, because we didn’t expect that we would be one of the winner. We were almost disqualified by the committee because my Mading was too high, that’s why second place was so unpredictable for my team. J