Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

February Air ~,~

February Air, the wind-blown on me and brought so much blesses from Allah the Almighty. In this month I have a lot thing to do. I joined the training and educational of Adiwiyata School Guide. As a senior of School Guide I have to give educational and training to my next generation, It was a must because my school had already trusted by the government and education department to became Adiwiyata Mandiri School (Kind of honor for the school who had a concern and environmental awareness).

Other thing that I have done in February were attending foundation meeting with OSIS, Joined City Garde Mockup Competition by ITS (Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya), and Tourism 3D Mading Competition by Malang Government.

A city Garden Mockup was holding by the Civil Engineering Faculty of ITS (Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya). It was the first for the committee and so did the first for me, I joined this competition with my friend Rofifah Yusadi. She was one of my previous Wall Magazine team.
At the first we had no any idea about making mockup. We just knew that mockup is kind of miniature of edifice or housing, but it was a challenge for us. We had to make 30 x 60 centimeters, and all work’s step should be done in the venue. From my town I needed 2 hours journey and unfortunately we almost late. We arrived in venue after the opening ceremony and other competitor were begun to do on their work.

We started on hurry and without any additional time, it was so terrible, in the middle of our work we felt hungry because we had no time to take a breakfast before. Surely we couldn’t think fast without any enough energy. Then I texted to my teacher who accompanied us to brought us breakfast then she came, but unlucky we got chicken porridge which was kind of food that we hate so much. Then we didn’t eat that food. We tried to survive till the time to finish our mockup was finish.

After finish we had to make our good sketch and its information related to my mockup. We did it at the rest of time, it was about 5 minutes left but we could handle it. The next step we had to present our mockup to the honorable judges. Then the last tradition in every competition is the announcement of the winner. I’m not sure we could win for this time, because other competitors which come from big cities had more complete properties to support their mockup, other hand they had their supporter to vote them to become the most favorite mockup.

The Sketch

Me and Rofifah Yusadi
When the time was coming we had to take a seat in front and leave our stand to hear the announcement, we had no sense of glory at that time, and we felt so guilty to coming late also we felt tired after that long struggle. I was so nervous because it was the first mockup competition for us.
Jeng…jeng..jeng… I was so nervous to go forward to the stage to take my trophy. We won s the first winner. I couldn’t say anything and my teacher cried for this. She shown she really proud of us and we got what our struggle gave back for us. Thanks God, once more you let us felt this moment of glory.  J

Final Result

We got back Our Glory