Senin, 05 Maret 2012

US Embassy

Mbatik US Embassy

After a whole of competition then I got my middle term examination, March 2012 started by examination then continued by Chinese Language test, it seemed like TOEFL for English. Furthermore I have been chosen by school to make preparation for visitor, it wasn’t like usual, the guest was a special one, the guest were coming from United State Embassy which had office center in Surabaya. They came to SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy to saw the learning progress here. One reason that became they visiting background was the achievement of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) in reaching the most ticket to get college abroad in USA. Comparing to other school, the learning progress of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) was so cool. This recent year SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) successfully send 14 students to get college in USA.

Back to my topic actually I want to tell about my preparation in welcoming them. I got this chance because I have joined in Art Club of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy). I did this preparation with some of my friend in Art Club. We had made some”Batik Tulis”.

Batik is kind of cloth material which is painted by a special material called “malam and a tool called canting
malam and canting ;)

step by steps to making "Batik Tulis"

Then those “Batik Tulis” would bring by the US Embassy as souvenir. 
Here was my job :

the Previous Sketch
the Final Result 

Finally I could finish it well but unfortunately the US Embassy ddn't want to take mine, they tok other friend's batik, but I'm fine, then I could bring mine home instead. :)