Selasa, 19 Juni 2012


Still talk about my experiences in making wall magazine (mading). Continuously after I have joined in Fresh Competition which holds by Universitas Negeri Malang.  In that time we made bigger mading than before, with other four members of my team we made 1 meter x 1.5 meter in size, it quiet big and we need more time to finish. Then finally we were the winner. We got the first place.

My effort behind the scene :)

My Huge Mading and I 

one of participant's Mading which was using real fish on a small river

Me, Zhavirra and Rofifah tak a pose behind our Mading

In the end of 2011 was the time I was joining other next wall magazine competition, it was M-Teens 3D Wall Magazine competition. It holds by Malang Post-one of public newspaper in Malang City. I have special thing in this chance, my elder sisters who were exactly my senior also would to join my team this competition, they would give the last achievement before they move to the college. This case we would make something different than the previous wall magazine. We took some small lamp such kind of Christmas lamp which usually hung on the Christmas tree. But have some troubles in setting some electronics materials and they wouldn’t work well. Fine, in the end of my work, my team decide to put off the lamp, then my wall magazine finally stood up without any lamp decorate it.
2 day my team and I spent to presented our wall magazine’s philosophy to the visitors, the visitors may gave us coupon if they like my wall magazine, and in the end of that event, the committee would announce the most favorite wall magazine by the sum of coupon which have been collected. Final day we weren’t patient enough to waiting for the announcement, we were so confident to became the winner, then when the person in charge of closing ceremony of that event announce, we got he honorable mention as “The Best Content of 3D Wall Magazine Competition” we were so sad but that was the best decision for us, however we have to accept this appreciation and we may try in other occasion to get better achievement. 

My trophy :)

Me, and Rofifah Yusadi

My team :)

Senin, 11 Juni 2012

So Much For My Happy Ending

Glitter Words

I have a lot of thing to be share with you guys.. which one you prefer? the sad one or the happy one?
fist of all I have reached a lot of achievement in the end of this term year.

One of the hardest effort was finishing the Wall Magazine Competition. Have you ever know the 3 Dimensional of Wall Magazine? I'll tell you.
Wall magazine is kinda of a mass media which can tell you many kind of information, insteed belong to wall magazine is its design. It may in 2 form, they are 2 Dimensional Wall Magazine and 3 Dimensional Wall Magazine. Design of each kind of magazine can be determined by youself based on the topic, or in this case because I was joining a competition the one who had to decide the topic was the commitee. Then my team and I could decide the design by ourselves.

For the first in the first grade of SHS (Senior andHigh School) I had ever join the 3 Dimensional Wall Magazine and I failed. It was a year ago, here I have some pictures whch related to my first experience in making 3 Dimentional Wall Magazine. Here I have a team consist of 3 people, they are Pasoari Widiastuti and Lutfiah Maghfirah.

Its Mine
The 2nd Winner 
The 1st Winner

My 3D Wall Magazine and I

Glitter Words

For the first competition it hold by Unesa (Universitas Negeri Surabaya) and I failed.
but failure in the first is a sign to be the winner on the next step. Furthermore I joined other competition in other occasion.

Experience is the best teacher, that sentence is always true, however I got something to be learned from the first competition, the judges always give critism which can build better result for the next, and I agreed. I used to get the next chances to be the winner. My team and I tried to contribute the best effort for the next competition.

Finally as the time passed by, I got my second chance, but this time was little bit different, I did the 2 Dimentional Wall Magazine. and I did it with Pasoari Widiastuti, she is a friendly person who really famous with the name Pao. Pao and I did this magazine supported by school, and I though it was the cheapest Wall Magazine, because Pao and I used the material which recycled before.

Here I have some pictures of my second Wall Magazine, and It was the first 2 Dimentional Magazine as long as I study in Senior High School. Check it out!

My 2D Dimentional Wall Magazine
title : MABOK(Majalah Tembok) PAJAK

Other competitor

from left to right : me, and Pasoari(Pao) were receiving  appreciation. 
This competiton hold by Direktorat Jendral Pajak Provinsi Jawa Timur~Kota Malang. Fortunately we got the first rank. We were the winner for this competition, it was unpredictable, I guessed we gonna be a loser because there were so many competitor which had better idea and design in making 2Dimentional Wall Magazine, when I asked to the judges. one of them said that he really proud to see the unique form of Wall Magazine, he said that we could combine the unused material became the usefull ones.
We realized that more than 75 % of the material were unused matter, go went to anywhere to seaching for them,and some of the materials are our collection. We were so glad to be winner and it aroused our spirit to try the next level of competition, we gonna try, try and try to learn how to the the best.