Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Kompas Muda Mading Competition

From the martial art I’ll bring you back to wall magazine competition. I joined other wall magazine competition in Suarabaya also. Its theme was kind of Environment Awareness, because that my team (Pasoari Widiasatuti, Rofifah Yusadi and I) did carefully in searching for the materials, we should got kind of environmentally friendly materials. We were avoiding using Styrofoam, because we knew that Styrofoam was difficult to be broken down naturally, it may consume ages then won’t polluting the environment.
Other way we use recycled things to attract the score in concerning envirnnment awareness. Beside that we also had a unique shape of 3 dimensional wall magazines, we made a huge globe by recycled materials then we made cup too to put the globe on it. 

Behind the Scene
My 3 Dimentional Wall Magazine

So when we had put the globe on its cup, it was look like an ice cream, then we gave some effect around the cups just like drops of water, so we thought that we made earth which melting just like ice cream. Then to made it more interesting, it was titling by “I Scream for the Earth”
We have the real concept before competition, we have prepared it well, and then the best appreciation for our hard work was the second place for our 3D Wall Magazine. Fine, we have our best effort and we really thanks to God, because we didn’t expect that we would be one of the winner. We were almost disqualified by the committee because my Mading was too high, that’s why second place was so unpredictable for my team. J

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