Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

My July 18th 2012

All begin in this year by the number of 18, I have my sweet 18th Birthday in this July 18th 2012.
At 12.06 am my friends Rofifah Yusadi, Ais Maulidia and Pasoari Widiastuti came to my room then brought me a cake, it seemed not a cake then exactly true, it was some candies which placed on a plate then there was a candle in the middle of the plate. Three of them came to my bed room then sang a song titled Happy Birthday, It woke me up occasionally.

My awesome birthday cake-candle only :-(

I surprised then I sang with them, whispering my wishes then blowing the candle, the flame is gone but my wishes will come. Then I felt a sleep again.

When I woke up, I did my daily morning’s activities as usual, I went to school, I did the tasks, I studied with my silly  friends at my All STAR class. Then I did believe every single student always waiting for this final time, you know what I mean? It was Bell. When the bell was ringing it was a sign that we could go home. I walked along street from school to dormitory. Then guess what would happen! My friend Wilyan Adia Sari came to me by a bottle of water, then splash me, no more I could go away from her then came other friend, they did the same as well as Willyan did to me. How terrible is it. I ran away then came back to dormitory.

Other thing happened to me, when I open the bed room’s door, I screamed out, all my things inside cupboard were messed up. All my clothes and pants were hanged up on my bed, some of them were tied up with other clothes till all of my cupboard’s content were moved out. I couldn’t say anything while my entire roommate just laughed at me, they seemed so success in ruined my day.

how terrible is it

my messy clothes around my bed

I decided to take a bath before tidied my bed and cupboard, when I have entered bath room suddenly my friend Lutfiah Lailatul M. took my towel and also my clothes. I speechless then just shouted out for asking some help. But nobody care, other friends have already stirred up by Lutfiah. Then I try to find other thing to cover my body, fine, finally I could escape from this terrible moment. Hoaaaa… ya..

But that wasn’t over yet. Around 6 pm I wanted to take a pray then I took water, when I opened the water tap suddenly somebody else  bathed me from behind, she were Audinda Virsa Leinia and Lailun Erliana. They two are my friend at the same house.

Enough from those incident I went back to my room, but I found something different, I lost my bed. However in dormitory I have a spon bed, so it was moveable. I thought it was my friend’s act. Then I tried to look for some information, but none gave my any clue. Finally I tried to go to third floor, entered all the rooms there, then Wilyan Adia Sari said that she knew where my bed was placed. I begged to her ecause I really want to find it. Finally she gave me with the requirement, I have to treat her next day.

Fine, then she got what she wants. But in the other hand I met my senior when I would go out from Willyan’s room. My senior was Athirah Aulia, she is one grade higher than me, and she is my senior in Martial Art Karate. She tried to bully me, she took my bed back crudely. I wouldn’t give up I tried to take it back, we were fighting but also laughing. It seemed just a joke but surely she did it cause she knew if that was my birthday. Finally, I won, I got my bed back, I brought it back to my room in the first floor. That was so embarrassing. I brought my bed and other student which I have passed by just watched on me and whispering each other, I didn’t care about what they said about me, I just ran my way to finish this hardship.

That was my birthday story, they weren’t parties but I enjoy them all. Thanks for all guys, for everyone who have greet me a Happy Birthday and for everyone who have ruined my day. Last but not least everything that you have done for me were unforgettable and successfully made me happy.

Happy sweet 18th, my own wishes for this year life; I got a happy long-life with my family, I got my best college, and I can take my flight to USA in this year. One more I can find him soon, the one who can make me feel enjoy aside him.

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