Senin, 30 September 2013 has been so long? but it's not too long after I have done some assignments, firstly I just begin in matra class or simply I said nirmana class, and also drawing class, both of them pushed me to rehearsal all the time, of course that made my hand supple and easy in drawing. my first sight when I had to draw so many form of lines made me felt bored, I guess it was easy but I was wrong, step by step the lecture taught me that drawing was easy for us (all design's class) but easy wasn't mean correct. we may easy to draw but we have to ensure that our drawing was made in a good way. In fact, I was wrong at some steps to draw, but now I am clearly knew how to draw well in a correct way based on what my lecture have said.

here I had some results of my assignment, hopefully they may useful for you who studying in the same class as me, design class. :)

at the first I made four sketchs of 2D nirmana, based on straight line, curve line, and 2 combination line on sketch book sized 20x20 cm
then the lecture would accept one of them to be enlarge on paper media sized 40x40 cm

~Here I have my sketch~

nirmana 2D straight line

nirmana 2D combination line

nirmana 2D combination line

nirmana 2D curve line

Sum of all here my lecture choose the straight line to be accepted and enlarged in 40x40 cm in size

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