Selasa, 17 September 2013


it's too much to tell, it's too long to be retell,I have changing, Im in a new path, close to pathway to success, shortly I say that Im no longer a student, even a senior high school student, Im a collegian,  the most important is Im officially accepted as a collegian of Paramadina University. It isn't easy as it seems...however I got my struggle before I accepted in this college. as a sigle fighter I have to maintain my performance in every part of my day, even in every minute of my future time :D
all began when April is falling, it was turning into a warm May, it keeped so many memories, tears, laugh, feeling of happiness, satisfying, curious, and the right time to waiting for the decision . a decision where this life brought me in to, the decision of my whole effort along my SHS. May said goodbye and June was coming, it still a process and I was waiting, I wasn't longer crying, cause I got "you", the new "you"... my lovely "duck". he was healing my wounds, he was a hero, and he will always be, even more than it. 
June gone, then welcome my July... I got a new "you"to full fill my day, even "you" forgot of my day. (that part is only me and "you" who knew so well).
July gave my answer, erasing all my worries, replacing my stories. I had to start over again, the new me, my new life, my new adventure. well I said..."JAKARTA... Im coming."
to be blessed by Allah I could be one of Paramadina Fellowship receiver :) for the next 3,5 years I will continue my study at Paramadina University as a collegian of Industrial Design Product 2013 intake :)

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